Molotow One4all paint marker REFILL 180 ml, White


Product Description

Molotow One4all paint marker REFILL paint white


acrylic-based hybrid paint, solvent-free, dilatable with water and acetone, paint-like coverage, semi-gloss, quick-drying, excellent UV and weather resistance, waterproof and smudge-resistant, refillable, odourless, comes in plastic bottle with tapered dispenser


The One4all refill paint can be used to fill a marker but also can be thinned and used with an airbrush. But that’s not all – it can be applied with a brush, sponge, a piece of felt, a rubber stamp, a carved potato or with a finger! In addition, you can also intermix these paints in a marker and thereby increase your colour spectrum immensely.

Refilling a marker is easy: first you screw the head of the marker off, then pull the valve piece out – the “tank” is now open for filling directly from the refill bottle.


127HS / 5 ml;

227HS / 9 ml;

627Hs / 30 ml

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