Montana Tag Van Sticker

  • Brand: MONTANA
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The classic American delivery van has been an object of desire and an iconic graffiti writing target since as far back as the first images of bombed New York subways and streets spread all over the world. Whether you're a sticker collector, sticker bomber, a fan of painted vans, or just love seeing graffiti on moving objects, the delivery van has always been the happy second option to the subway car. With the new Montana Tag Van Sticker Pack, you can fulfill all your delivery van and graffiti needs in one. Sold in packs of 1 sticker, the white adhesive paper with dispersion print is form cut in the delivery van shape. The stickers can be painted or tagged with just about any marker over a 16 x 7.8cm space. Easy to conceal, easy to apply. The Montana Tag Van Sticker Pack, yet another way for you to write your name.